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So Nick and I just got back from an amazing trip with amazing friends.... It would have been fun anywhere, but we were on Maui! Ahhhh... just the thought of it now sends the scents of sun screen and saltwater my way, and really, I should think about this more often, because as I sit here, I am staring out at the drizzly, sprinkly, wet, Northwest weather. It was a nice change to say the least. Pretty much the only thing I missed was my dog... so that says a lot.
Alas, here we are back at home, and I guess being on the beach at the beginning of a new year gave me time to plan all the great things I'd like to accomplish in the New Year. For example: We have about a zillion unfinished projects around the house that need to get done... my car is a disaster and hasn't been washed for about 6 months... those work-out DVDs I swore I would use are sitting on the shelf (I only made it a third of the way through). To be concise- I just need to make some things happen. I think my New…