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I just looked at my last post and got a little depressed... just an update, after that I cleaned the house, the dog got her walk, and well,  I didn't work out, but like I said, my life is a work in progress.   And hey, two out of three is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

But in all seriousness, I SERIOUSLY need to get into better shape.  Over the past, say, two years or so I have gained some weight, and well... I've gone soft.  Conveniently two years ago is when I got married, so it must be Nick's fault right?  Not all the four course meals I slave over in the kitchen striving for wifely perfection.  The main goal right now is to be healthier.

Back in April we bought P90X, which is a set of work out DVDs.  I know, I know... from TV? REALLY?  Because I am being SERIOUS here, I will tell you that it is a hell of a work out, and for the one month that we did it I really saw results.... then life caught up and we got distracted and didn't finish the program.  At the beg…

On a sunny day...

My house is a mess. I have a cold. My back hurts. Its REALLY nice outside.

Essentially, I haven't done very well with my resolutions to keep clean, stay healthy, or work out.  Plus my dog hates me because I won't take her on a walk.

My life is a work in progress...