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Are We Done Yet?

lately we've been working on fixing up the house. by lately, i mean since we moved in, and by fixing up the house, i mean beginning with one project that leads to another project that leads to another project.  for example:

we (nick, not i) decided we needed new interior doors in the house. ok, fine. but because we needed new doors we needed new trim. ok, fine. but because nick got the trim in halfway before i got home, i made him take it out and do it again with another type of trim (that covered the gaps in the wall). ok, fine.  when the trim went in we began the process of finishing the work by caulking, sanding, etc.  who knew home depot would give you false information??? we made a mess of one section of trim and gave up. ok, fine.... until 6 months later i could no longer stand looking at unfinished trim. i threatened to hire someone, which, in turn got us motivated to finish it. ok, fine. trim is done, but we decided that if we are going to finish and paint the house, we m…