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Maybe baby?

so i've been quite quiet on this blog for a little while, and while i could talk about my back issues and physical therapy, there is something much more exciting that i haven't been able to talk about that simply trumps anything else that is going on around me.  any number of my friends would automatically say "oh a secret? you're totally pregnant!" because that is pretty much our answer to everything lately.  "i'm feeling sick," "oh you must be prego"; "i am thirsty," "oh you're totally pregnant"; "I am tired," "oh you're definitely prego." at one point everyone i know was getting married, and now it seems like everyone i know is going to have a baby.  AND.... drumroll please??


ahh, it feels so good to get that off my chest!!  lets just say that keeping secrets is not my strong point.  that's not to say i am not a reliable person, but when it's my own sec…