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Let Me Just Say... I LOVE the Library

let me just say that i love LOVE bloggers new template stuff.  i can do way more than i really know how to do and look cooler doing it now that there are all sorts of picture and layouts i can choose from.  i just got inspired by some of the patterns there were so i changed up my blog.  prettier, don't you think? i do.

i've been reading a lot lately, both actually reading and listening to books on CD.  the library is my new best friend.  i haven't been this excited to go there since i was 7 and my mom let me pick out 5 books to bring home for a week.  i have a closet book fetish (whoops, out of the closet now).  i love books, but i realized i cannot afford a new book every week or so.  thus, my bi-weekly (or more) trips to the library.  more than just a place to pick up something i've requested, i find that the library helps me to decompress  after a long day at work... well not so long as most people's days, but for me... eh. i'll stop trying to make excuses a…