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Wow where did the rest of the year go? I think my last post was September or October, and I keep telling myself I will work on this blog when I catch my breath... it is December 28th and I think I just caught it.. my breath that is. Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful spending time with Nick and my families. Nick got me a new digital camera to replace my old one--5 years for a camera is a lot considering the leaps and bounds technology has taken in that time span. Hopefully it will encourage me to take more pictures. The most memorable gift this year was from my aunt. She gave all of my girl cousins fur stoles. These weren't the fake fur that all the stores have in lately, these were genuine (I'm not sure what kind) animal fur. I consider myself "for the animals," but I'll be honest and say that I really like it. I am not sure if I will ever wear it out in public (I don't want red paint spilled all over me--do they still do that?) but I will say t…

Secret Dog Society

Up Until last September the only pets I have had were 3 hamsters who all came to various tragic fates, and a fish. The hamsters all made it clear how they felt about me... one ran away, never to be found, one attempted suicide (jumping from my second story window and breaking three legs, then proceeding to burrow behind the milk box for 5 days). We had to put her to sleep. The last hamster I had was evil, and bit me. I sold her at a garage sale for $15. Maybe she found a more happy home. My fish died three the day before I moved to England to study abroad (what a true friend, he couldn't go on without me!) *Sniff*
All that to say, I have a dog now. Boston (a she) is the epitome of "the Pokey Little Puppy" if anyone ever read those books. She gets into everything, but I love her. The other day Nick and I took her to an off leash dog park. She loves being able to roam and sniff to her little heart's content. What is interesting to me is that ever since we brou…

Fall has Arrived

As I sit before my computer and a window outside, it is raining cats and dogs... but I am actually glad about it. It means two things... Fall is upon us, and I probably won't have to water my plants this week. Lazy? Maybe. (I did sleep in until 10am this morning.) I do love this weather (with or without the rain) because all the leaves have just begun to change and the air is becoming just a bit nippy, ensuring sweater weather is upon us. I am ready to put Nick to work on chopping kindling for our fireplace and lighting candles throughout the house. Ahhh... isn't Fall is just wonderful?

Lets Give This a Try...

So after following a few friend's blogs, I thought I might try doing the same... I find myself in some very funny and/or strange situations all the time, and why not share them so other's can laugh too? Who knows if I will actually be good about keeping this current, but no one can say I didn't try.
Have you ever been driving and a car coming head-on flashes their brights at you? This usually means one of a few things... your lights are off, a cop is hiding behind a corner (waiting to flip his lights on and catch you going 5 mph over the speed limit), or there is an animal in the road (generally a dog, cat... in Gig Harbor's case, a deer, perhaps). While driving to work a few days ago a car drove past me and flashed his brights. I immediately checked my lights, slowed the car down, and peeled my eyes for any animals that may be in the road. As luck would have it, there was no cop. Phfew. But what do my road-scanning eyes spot? A rooster pecking its way across the r…