Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow where did the rest of the year go? I think my last post was September or October, and I keep telling myself I will work on this blog when I catch my breath... it is December 28th and I think I just caught it.. my breath that is. Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful spending time with Nick and my families. Nick got me a new digital camera to replace my old one--5 years for a camera is a lot considering the leaps and bounds technology has taken in that time span. Hopefully it will encourage me to take more pictures. The most memorable gift this year was from my aunt. She gave all of my girl cousins fur stoles. These weren't the fake fur that all the stores have in lately, these were genuine (I'm not sure what kind) animal fur. I consider myself "for the animals," but I'll be honest and say that I really like it. I am not sure if I will ever wear it out in public (I don't want red paint spilled all over me--do they still do that?) but I will say that it is fun for dress up, and who knows, I might wear it out to dinner one of these days. Besides-- the stole is from the 1950s, so this animal (whatever kind it is) has been long dead. I hope this doesn't mean I am PETAs next target.

The New Year holds lots of new and fun things for Nick and me, first and foremost, we are vacationing in Hawaii in January with two of our friends. I cannot wait to get away and spend time in the sun. I'll be honest, my work is not demanding, and there aren't too many stresses in my life, but lets be honest, Hawaii is amazing. I am so looking forward to going that I have already begun to pack and we don't leave for a couple weeks.

My dog is barking at the wall, so I should probably play with her or something... until next time :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Secret Dog Society

Up Until last September the only pets I have had were 3 hamsters who all came to various tragic fates, and a fish. The hamsters all made it clear how they felt about me... one ran away, never to be found, one attempted suicide (jumping from my second story window and breaking three legs, then proceeding to burrow behind the milk box for 5 days). We had to put her to sleep. The last hamster I had was evil, and bit me. I sold her at a garage sale for $15. Maybe she found a more happy home. My fish died three the day before I moved to England to study abroad (what a true friend, he couldn't go on without me!) *Sniff*

All that to say, I have a dog now. Boston (a she) is the epitome of "the Pokey Little Puppy" if anyone ever read those books. She gets into everything, but I love her. The other day Nick and I took her to an off leash dog park. She loves being able to roam and sniff to her little heart's content. What is interesting to me is that ever since we brought Boston home I have been ushered into this secret dog owners society. All dog owners are just delighted to see Boston, and although I am not too fond of large slobbery dogs sniffing my nether-regions, I have to admit, I like their dogs too. All these members of the secret dog society are now the friendlies people I've ever met, simply because Boston is by my side.

We dog owners have a kinship (maybe like parents? we've raised our pups from wee nuggets? we all know what it is like to worry our house smells like dog pee?) Apparently, we're in this together, so when I am greeted with a slobber and paws on my chest from a large dog, I should like it. Now until we brought home Boston I would never have considered myself a dog lover... not really even a dog liker. My consolation is that I am not in the group of people who think their dogs are children... along with man who was arriving the dog park as we were leaving. He shouted "Come on Butt Head!" to his dog. Yes sir, I might be in your camp. A dog is a dog, not a baby. Boston is the best, and I love her, but she is still a dog.

I guess the secret dog people society is a good thing... there are always people to talk to in my neighborhood while walking Boston, the doggy day-care (yes, doggy day-care) gives me a discount, and all of them know more than I do about dogs (like if their face blows up because of a bug bite you don't have to spend $200 at the vet at 1 o'clock in the morning--Benedryl will suffice)

But I guess since I am now used to the wet nose, hair on everything, and occasionally (I hate to admit it) a wet lick on the lips from my pooch, I am learning to like other people's dogs, big and small, slobbery or stinky. Pardon the lame humor, but I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks... tee-hee.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall has Arrived

As I sit before my computer and a window outside, it is raining cats and dogs... but I am actually glad about it. It means two things... Fall is upon us, and I probably won't have to water my plants this week. Lazy? Maybe. (I did sleep in until 10am this morning.) I do love this weather (with or without the rain) because all the leaves have just begun to change and the air is becoming just a bit nippy, ensuring sweater weather is upon us. I am ready to put Nick to work on chopping kindling for our fireplace and lighting candles throughout the house. Ahhh... isn't Fall is just wonderful?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lets Give This a Try...

So after following a few friend's blogs, I thought I might try doing the same... I find myself in some very funny and/or strange situations all the time, and why not share them so other's can laugh too? Who knows if I will actually be good about keeping this current, but no one can say I didn't try.

Have you ever been driving and a car coming head-on flashes their brights at you? This usually means one of a few things... your lights are off, a cop is hiding behind a corner (waiting to flip his lights on and catch you going 5 mph over the speed limit), or there is an animal in the road (generally a dog, cat... in Gig Harbor's case, a deer, perhaps). While driving to work a few days ago a car drove past me and flashed his brights. I immediately checked my lights, slowed the car down, and peeled my eyes for any animals that may be in the road. As luck would have it, there was no cop. Phfew. But what do my road-scanning eyes spot? A rooster pecking its way across the road. Yes. A ROOSTER. If I was in farm country, this might be believable.. however I was driving on East Bay, and lets just say I am pretty sure there are no farms close to where I was. (maybe like, 3 miles away or something, but that is a long way to go for those little chicken legs.) I took a picture because, really, how often do you get to ask the question "why did the rooster cross the road?" And really, this wasn't just any rooster, it was the type of rooster you'd see with a blue ribbon at the Puyallup Fair... all fancy like.

Anyways, I got a little kick out of seeing the rooster. I made light of it on my Facebook page, and then forgot about it.. until three days later on Wollochet I saw two pretty little chickens running for dear life on the side of the road. I am thinking they were trying to keep up with the speed of traffic, because it didn't look like they were trying to get the hell out of there, which is what I would have been doing, had I been said chickens.

All I can say now is, if you are missing a bird, I might be able to help you, because my eyes seem to be keen on those feathered fowl who have flown the coop, so to speak.