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24 weeks!

horray! i've hit 24 weeks... if you think about it, thats 6 months down!  i cannot believe time has been passing so quickly.  i'm sure every mom (first time or not) worries about their baby.  is everything right?  is this ok?  every single week that i am pregnant seems like a gift, and gets me one step closer to meeting this little man in my belly.  we have friends that just had a baby a few days ago and nick and i got the privilege of meeting him last night.  he is absolutely precious and incredibly tiny (only not, because he was average size).  i can't believe that in about 4 short months i will be meeting my tiny little boy.  i have many friends who have babies, but i never fail to be amazed at how small and precious a newborn baby is.  what a miracle babies are!

last weekend nick and i ventured up to woodinville to look at a craigslist find: baby bedding, and matching room decor.  it looked great from the pictures, but you've always got to see that stuff in person…