Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are You Sure There Aren't Two In There??

yesterday the wee one turned 17 weeks (of being in my belly) and it is definitely growing.  Here is a picture of my little bump:

last thursday we had our 16 week doc appointment.  we were so excited to hear the heartbeat again!  we recorded it this time, and i haven't figured out if i can put the recording on my phone onto the computer... we'll see about that later.  

so we've been hearing from everyone and their mom (and my chiropractor) that i am so big for how far along i am... are we sure we aren't having twins?  yikes!  well, not that we wouldn't be happy with two babies, but, gosh... that would be a lot of work!  we were looking forward to our 16 week appointment and for my doctor to tell me that i was looking good and measuring normal... however... the first thing the doctor said when he walked in the door and had me lay back on the table was, "how far along are you?? are you sure there aren't two in there?" WHAT?? i said with all due politeness, plus a bit of hysteria in my voice, "are YOU sure there aren't two in there?!?!"  the doc said he didn't want to scare me, but that i am definitely growing.  we've only been hearing one heartbeat, but apparently my uterus is a lot higher than normal or something.  we'll just have to wait and see when we have our 20 week ultrasound!  we'll get to find out the sex and make sure everything is developing properly.  we scheduled it for Feb. 10, my birthday, so we'll have a fun birthday surprise!  

last post i said i was wondering if what i was feeling was baby kicks or gas... i am pretty sure it is baby kicks!  at first i wasn't sure, but over the past week or two i have been feeling those movements more and stronger.  i can't wait for nick to be able to feel it from the outside!  for now i am just enjoying the feeling that there really is something (someone, really) growing inside me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally Getting a Belly!

So people  have been asking, so here are some pictures!  i am 16 weeks today and i am feeling great.  my belly is starting to stick out and so far i've been hearing i look bigger than how far along i am.. we'll see. hopefully its not all fat... my chiropractor is claiming there are two in there, but i am leaving the baby counting up to my doctor.  i am just so excited to find out the sex! we haven't really made any baby purchases yet, because i really don't love the gender neutral clothes and such, but we get to find out in about a month (what a great birthday surprise that will be!). 

Pretty soon they say you are supposed to feel the baby move, and last night i swear it punched me when i was getting up.  like, a serious jab in the belly.  it could have just been a muscle spasm or something, because they say its supposed to feel like fish swimming in your belly or popcorn... i don't think i have felt anything like that, but at certain times (usually when i am laying down) i am really aware of where my uterus is... like there are slugs around the inside of it... maybe its the baby?  who knows.  pretty soon i am sure i will know positively if what i am feeling is the babe or indigestion.  

Here is a little progression of the belly...