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22 Weeks

it has been way too long since i last posted... sorry about that.  i'd like to say i have been busy, but i am not really sure what i've been doing that's kept me away from the computer.  and if that isn't enough, i probably just can't remember.  i seriously understand what people mean when they talk about pregnancy brain, because i now have it!  i cannot remember a thing!!  ever!  this primarily happens to my friend elizabeth, because i scheduled myself to watch the bachelor with her not once this week, but 4 times... each time something came up that i either hadn't remembered, or i couldn't get out of.  (sorry, e!)

the big news that has yet to make it onto this blog is that we're having a BOOOOY!!!  are you surprised?  if you are, you are not alone... nick and i, along with most of our family and really thought we were having a girl.  i am in no way disappointed, just shocked that we were all wrong!  it is such a relief to know that this little babe n…


today is monday. it seems such a long ways away from thursday. really. i think this might be the longest week ever because thursday is my birthday... but not only that (which in and of itself is fabulous, who doesn't love to be celebrated for a day?) we get to find out the sex of Baby! i am on pins and needles just sitting here waiting. we really haven't made any purchases yet for Baby because (call me old fashioned... or not old fashioned, not really sure which, now that i think about it...) i want to buy clothes that match the gender of the Babe! i am really not into the yellow and green bla outfits... i keep seeing little cargo pants for boys and sweet dresses for girls, and i remain firm, because, gosh darn it, i'm going to have a well dressed baby. of course when we purchase furniture and baby gear like strollers and pack-and-plays we will buy gender neutral items so when number two comes around (or three... twins still an option?) comes around, we don't want to b…