Sunday, October 9, 2011

water baby

it doesn't matter how good or bad the day has gone, when we put jake in the tub before bed he becomes the happiest baby... i look forward to bath time every night because i know he'll be in a good mood the whole time.  its not that jake is a cranky baby, but usually by the evening, he's about had it for the day.  i hope he continues to love the water.  i can't wait for swim lessons at the y once he's old enough-- and really that time is coming up quickly!  he is already 3 months old.... all of the sudden he's such a big boy!  he rolled over for the first time two days ago and i can't get over the fact that the time is going so quickly.  now i really know what people mean when they say how fast kids grow up.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


we just got back from a quick little getaway to the coast for our 4th anniversary.  for years i've seen the sign for "seabrook" on the side of the freeway in fife and i have been wanting to go for a long time.  we finally booked the trip a few weeks ago.  the cottage we stayed in was incredibly cute, and we had such a good time.  i think we would have had an even better time if jake wasn't so fussy... it was probably my mistake eating broccoli for dinner.  gassy baby = cranky baby.  i'm still learning, obviously.  here are some pictures from our trip.

boston did a lot of relaxing and absolutely loved the beach.

this is one of jakes finer moments of the trip (ie he is not crying)

picnic out of the back of the car.

4 years and still going strong :)  love this man!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He's Here!!

Jacob Scott Langlow has arrived and he is absolutely precious!!  i couldn't feel more blessed to have him here and out of my belly, phew.  it is such a relief to be done with pregnancy.  i am sure that in the future i will be missing the feeling, but honestly, right now i am so happy to have my body back, even if it is sore, stitched, and swollen.

i am always interested in other's birth stories, and before Jacob got here i was reading them by the hundreds on pregnancy boards, anticipating what it would be like for me.  throughout my pregnancy i had many braxton hicks (painless contractions), so when the began to actually become uncomfortable, i was hoping the time was near.  they began to feel painful on wednesday, the 21st, and although i slept, i woke up periodically throughout the entire night.  the contractions at this point were not really time-able.  thursday the contractions continued throughout the day, but i didn't really time them.  i was able to handle them, so i assumed this was just the beginning stages.  thursday night the contractions got worse, and i was not able to sleep (unless it was for the 5-10 minutes between the contractions) and i woke every time i had one.  in the morning they were anywhere between 4-7 minutes apart, and i was incredibly uncomfortable.  we decided to go into the hospital to see what was going on.  once at the hospital the contractions slowed down and the nurses had me walk around for an hour to see if there was any progress from the 3-4cm dilation and 80% effacement i had.  nick and i found a stairwell and got busy... climbing stairs that is.  when the hour was up we learned that there was no significant change, so then sent us home, or to our appointments we had previously scheduled with ultrasound and my doctor.

the ultrasound proclaimed that this baby was big. i mean BIG.  the estimate was that he would be 9 lbs 15 oz... my doctor said that in this case it is probably better that the baby comes soon, so we scheduled an induction for monday (mind you, this is friday) if the baby had not arrived yet.  by this time (of course) my contractions had returned so i was in a lot more pain than i had been at the hospital earlier that morning.  we left the doc and got breakfast, spent the rest of the day at home.  another night passed with me moaning in pain at my contractions on the couch while nick slept in the bed.  (its not really like he could do much for me anyways).  at about 6 we called the doctor and told him how much pain i was in.  he said we should go to the hospital, but no promises we'll have a baby today.  i decided i didnt want to get sent home again, so i would tough it out a little longer at home.  at about 9am we were preparing to go walking in hopes of getting the still inconsistent, but very intense contractions to become more consistent. my doctor called our house wondering why i wasnt at the hospital.  i told him i didn't want to be sent home, and he said that the nurses weren't the ones who decided if i would go home, he was.  he was prepared to induce me or give me a cesarean if necessary when i gave the word, and the nurses should have talked to me about that when i was last at the hospital... they hadn't.  so apparently i could have had this baby on friday instead, but there was some miscommunications...

we left for the hospital and arrived at about 10 or 10:30am.  nurses said i had made no progress from the previous morning, but the admitted me anyways on my doctors orders.  my doctor arrived in an hour or so and broke my water and ordered pitocen to increase my labor.  then we played the waiting game.  at 6 cm i got an epidural (which was great)  and at 10 cm (9pm-ish?) i started pushing... my epidural had begun to wear off and my nurse would not let me have any more meds for fear i would not be able to feel when to push.. over the course of the next 2 1/2 hours i definitely could feel when to push.  because thats how long i had to push for... two. and a half. hours.  by the time the doctor arrived (when i was crowning) i really couldn't feel any of the epidural anymore.  because the doc was worried (even still at this point) that the baby's shoulders would not fit through the birth canal and out of me, he gave me an episiotomy.  within 10 minutes of the doctors arrival baby Jake was out and screaming ferociously, but all i could do was cry that i didn't have to push any longer (i was happy he was there too i suppose...)

Jacob Scott Langlow was born June 25th  at 11:12 pm weighing 9 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 20 inches.

we are in love <3

THERE! i finally finished this!  its taken me 7 1/2 weeks, but here ya go!

Friday, August 12, 2011

little stinker

i've been horrible about posting... i've got a half written post about the birth story and i just cant get it together enough to finish... i'm working on our birth announcements right now, and thought i'd post these little faces of my new main man jacob!  love him to bits :) hopefully in the near future i will have time to start posting more often!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

39 Week Appointment!

this is just a quick post to update on how things are progressing.  today i am 39 weeks and we had our 39 week appointment this afternoon.  the doc said he was surprised and pleased to find i was dilated to 2 cm and 80% effaced!  (i was quite pleased myself!)  he said this was very good for a first-timer, and because of the progress he asked me to reschedule our ultrasound and next appointment to friday (as in 3 days from now) so we could see what the baby's size is like, see if he is doing alright, etc.  we'll also talk about induction for the following week if the baby hasn't already arrived.  normally we probably wouldn't talk about induction until i was at least a week overdue, but because of my gestational diabetes, and because the baby is a healthy size, he doesn't see why we shouldn't get the baby out sooner than later.  his size is definitely a factor, as the longer he's inside me, the bigger he gets, and the bigger he gets, the more likely i would be to have a c-section (because i may not be able to push him out).  we'd definitely like to avoid induction AND c-section, so we're hoping labor starts spontaneously in the next few days.  with the progress i've made so far, it isn't unlikely.

today we also got our carseat installed/inspected at the fire station.  we wanted to be sure everything was in and correctly in place.  a lot of people don't get the inspection, but i would highly recommend it.  if the seat isn't properly installed, you never know what could happen (obviously).  we like to err on the side of caution, and because it is a free service, we went ahead and did it.  baby'll be ridin' safely in the Tahoe.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Home Stretch...

i've been horrible about blogging here, but i've been sort of busy... and by busy i mean i couldn't really tell you what i've been doing other than trying to prepare for this baby to get here.  i stopped working on the 10th, so that is one less thing i've had to worry about and it is really nice to be able to take my time cleaning and organizing.  i've found that i really only have the energy for one project a day.  that said, the baby room is done and i personally think it turned out exactly how i had envisioned, and i love it :)

the sailor theme turned out just how i wanted, thanks to that fabulous craigslist find of bedding, and the glider and ottoman, which i also found on craigslist (for only $60!!!!! amazing find! thanks mary!).  

i am beginning to get really uncomfortable.  getting out of a chair has become a chore, and forget reaching anything near the ground- i don't bend in half too easily anymore.  my belly is itchy and i (unfortunately) got stretch marks all over the middle of my belly... dangit, i really thought i might avoid those!  i suppose it comes with the territory.  i just keep telling myself this baby is going to be totally worth it.  

a few weeks ago my brother took some maternity photos for us and i absolutely love them :)  here are a couple:

if you are interested in the whole labor process and all the messy details that come along with it, continue reading, if not, skip to the next paragraph, this might get a little graphic...

as far as actual internal progress, i had an internal exam at 37 weeks where i had not dilation, but some thinning and softening of my cervix.  at 38 weeks there was no exam, and this week tuesday (39 weeks) i'll have another internal.  i'm pretty sure i have at least a little dilation at this point because i lost my mucus plug two mornings ago... never thought i'd be excited to see a giant loogie on a piece of toilet paper, but alas, these are the things that get things going, and anything that puts me closer to meeting this little man is a definite plus in my mind.  the mucus plug is a, um, for lack of a better word, mucussy glob that sits plugging the cervix while you are pregnant.  when the cervix begins to dilate, the glob sometimes comes out.  it doesn't always come out at once, and sometimes doesn't come out until actual labor has started.  it also doesn't necessarily mean labor is on your doorstep, but it does mean things are going in the right direction.  so.  i got very excited when i saw it.  

well, for now we're playing the waiting game.  i get painless contractions (called Braxton Hicks) often, and sometimes i am even able to time them, but they do not stay consistent over long periods of time, and, well, they don't hurt.  this might be weird to say, but i am looking forward to the painful ones, because it will mean that its probably time for this babe to meet his excited parents!  we'll see if i get around to blogging any more before he gets here, but if not, when he does, i'll post the whole birth story :)

here is my 38 week picture:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

34 Weeks!!

again, it has been a while since i last posted.  we went with nick's family to maui and when we returned i became horribly sick... i am still recovering, as my lingering cough and clogged sinuses can attest.  i am 34 weeks, which means that baby boy is coming soon!!  i had my first baby shower last weekend and i am so blessed by my girlfriends! i now have many clothes and some essentials for baby, and i am feeling a little more prepared.  i still have two more showers with family, and i know we're going to have to buy a good amount of items, but we're getting there.  today we bought a dresser for our bedroom, so the one we were using is going to be painted and placed in baby's room.  

hawaii was fun, but i think the GD diet put a damper on my time... i ate by myself a lot, and felt really constrained by the times i had to eat.  for the most part my numbers were good, and the only times they spiked i knew they probably would (like when i got frozen yogurt... three nights in a row. it was delicious.)  laying on the beach or by the pool sounds very nice, but when you can only lay in one position (on your back) it tends to get old.. fast.  i am not complaining, the trip was very fun, and i really enjoyed spending time with nick's family, but i think that if the opportunity were to arise another time that i was to be 31 weeks, i would probably pass.  i felt big, tired, and hot.  not an extremely fun combo... but i did rock a bikini the whole time :)  

here are a few pictures of my last few weeks bellies.  i have yet to take a photo of my belly this week (34, but i'll do it soon).

 31 weeks on the beach
 32 weeks
33 weeks

i'm thinking that this post is incredibly boring, and that i really don't have a lot to say, so i'm going to end it here.  hopefully i have something good to talk about in the near future.  i see the doc tomorrow for my 34 week appointment, so we'll see if he has anything new to tell me.. about anything.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


so i know its been a long time since i last posted... sorry.  i've been busy.  and tired.  and busy.  you get the picture.  at my 28 week appointment i was treated to the standard (not so delicious) 1 hour glucose test to see if my body is processing sugars correctly.  in my head i was thinking, oh, i've got this.  unfortunately, when the test results came back it showed that my blood sugar levels were elevated, and that meant that i would be treated to the even more invasive (and also not so delicious) 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  many of my friends have had to take this 3 hour test and passed it, so, again, i thought to myself, i totally got this.  unfortunately, i didn't.  two of the four blood draws were elevated, and that is enough to mark me with gestational diabetes.  what?  who ever heard of gestational diabetes?  isn't there only type one and type two?  guess again, my friends.

gestational diabetes happens to about 4% of pregnant women (i think that is roughly the stat).  usually risk factors include being overweight, a family history of type 2 diabetes, and age.  i have none of these things, so my diagnosis is one of those random chances that happens to those who aren't expecting it.  BOO.  I really felt like i failed my baby boy, but i was assured there was nothing that i have done or could do to prevent my condition.  the condition also puts me at a higher risk of getting type two diabetes in the future.

two days ago i met with a dietitian and a nurse who explained to me what this whole situation entails.  i have a diet plan that requires me to measure out primarily my carbs, but also proteins, and fats.  it is time consuming and takes a lot of planning, but in the end, i pretty much eat the exact same things i was always eating... it actually feels like i have to eat more than what i would normally eat.  i talk to the dietitian again next week and we may tweak the menu plan a little bit.

i also have to check my blood sugar levels 4 times a day now with a glucometer.  once when i wake up, then two hours after each meal.  the poker hurts a little, but the pain doesn't last, and so far i my blood sugar levels have been well within the recommended range.

here is my glucometer kit.

all in all it isn't so bad... but i know that when we go to Hawaii next week (the plan is that i am still going at this point) i will definitely run into some obstacles at restaurants.  we'll see how that goes.

here is my 29 week picture.  i know i have said this before, but how can my belly get any bigger???

Saturday, April 2, 2011

27 weeks

twenty seven weeks and continueing to grow!!  here is a preview (and a shot of the new 'do).  i'm just running out of the house, and i have lots more to say, but for now, little boy is doing well and growing steadily!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

24 weeks!

horray! i've hit 24 weeks... if you think about it, thats 6 months down!  i cannot believe time has been passing so quickly.  i'm sure every mom (first time or not) worries about their baby.  is everything right?  is this ok?  every single week that i am pregnant seems like a gift, and gets me one step closer to meeting this little man in my belly.  we have friends that just had a baby a few days ago and nick and i got the privilege of meeting him last night.  he is absolutely precious and incredibly tiny (only not, because he was average size).  i can't believe that in about 4 short months i will be meeting my tiny little boy.  i have many friends who have babies, but i never fail to be amazed at how small and precious a newborn baby is.  what a miracle babies are!

last weekend nick and i ventured up to woodinville to look at a craigslist find: baby bedding, and matching room decor.  it looked great from the pictures, but you've always got to see that stuff in person.  i would have been really disappointed if the "find" turned out to be a dud... that was a long drive!  i know in my last post i was mulling over the idea of making bedding myself or having it made, but i realized, i'd rather focus on more pressing matters... and not feel rushed to get the bedding done.  maybe if i start sewing more i can try that venture out on baby #2.  we'll see.  we ended up buying the lot (everything was in great condition, one sheet had never been taken out of the packaging), and it is so cute. pottery barn sailboat bedding, curtains, a sailboat, two pictures, matching pillows, a mobile and a seriously cute anchor for the wall.  we put the crib up last weekend as well, and now i am really excited to get a mattress so i can put the whole setup together :)

cute, no?  unfortunately the crib skirt (which i just had to put on the crib) is barely visible at the level the mattress support is at... once baby gets bigger and we drop that level we'll be able to see it better.  i didnt put the picture frames in this picture either... not sure where i put them (pregnancy brain).  pay no attention to the items in the background that haven't been transferred over to the "new" office.

the little nursery is coming together!  i am now on the hunt for a nice rocker/gllider.  the goal is to find one like this

without an enormous price tag.  we'll see.  obviously, i've got time to figure it out.

without further adieu, here is the official 24 week picture... the belly continues to grow!

I have my 24 week appt tomorrow, so hopefully everything checks out normal.  baby has been kicking up a storm, so i am not worried about him not moving... he has plenty of energy.  just praying he continues to have a good strong heartbeat and that what i think are contractions that i have been having periodically (tightening of my belly for about 30 seconds with no pain) are completely normal.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

22 Weeks

it has been way too long since i last posted... sorry about that.  i'd like to say i have been busy, but i am not really sure what i've been doing that's kept me away from the computer.  and if that isn't enough, i probably just can't remember.  i seriously understand what people mean when they talk about pregnancy brain, because i now have it!  i cannot remember a thing!!  ever!  this primarily happens to my friend elizabeth, because i scheduled myself to watch the bachelor with her not once this week, but 4 times... each time something came up that i either hadn't remembered, or i couldn't get out of.  (sorry, e!)

the big news that has yet to make it onto this blog is that we're having a BOOOOY!!!  are you surprised?  if you are, you are not alone... nick and i, along with most of our family and really thought we were having a girl.  i am in no way disappointed, just shocked that we were all wrong!  it is such a relief to know that this little babe nudging me all the time is safe, healthy and a boy!  the best part of knowing is that now we are able to start buying things.  i said before that i really didn't buy anything for baby because i wanted to know the sex before we began forming a wardrobe and designing the nursery.  since two weeks ago (when we found out) we (read: i, without permissions from nick) purchased a crib, and bought a few sweet little outfits for the little man.  i definitely am not going crazy with the clothes because i know showers have yet to happen, but we had to commemorate the special "find out the sex" day with a baby boy purchase :)  Here are some pictures of the little man:

i will address the big question that everyone asks once we tell them we know the sex:  no, we are not telling the name.  primarily because we do not know the name.  we've decided that we are going to pick 3 names that we really like and decide when he makes his big appearance.  we are also holding the 3 names close, because we want to avoid opinions from people who may not like them.  they are really not uncommon, or too unique of names, but all the same... that is the one surprise we can reveal when he comes out (since the sex is no longer a question).

although my weight doesn't show it (much) i am getting a huge belly... at least i think so.  here is a picture of my growing.. shall we say, curves:

If this is what i look like now at 22 weeks, i can only imagine what my belly is going to look like when i'm 40 weeks!  time will tell...

so now that we are beginning to think about the nursery i have been looking at crib bedding.  there is some cute stuff out there, but nothing (so far) that i am absolutely in love with.  i'm seriously considering getting bedding made ( has some fabulous designs) or making it myself.  i know of a few people who have made bedding themselves, and i am really interested in how much time it took to put everything together, not to mention the cost of fabric, patterns, etc.  is it worth it?  i am not an amazing seamstress by any means, but everything seems to be fairly simple.  i could be kidding myself thinking that it is something i could do.  i would love any input from anyone who has done this themselves.  this is what i am thinking as far as fabrics/color schemes... navy blue, white, light blue, and chartreuse:

these are just fabrics i pulled from pictures online, but you can get the feel of what i want to do... i think the primary would be the fabric in the center, (ie, bumper, skirt) with accents in two or three of the other fabrics.  i have yet to go to joanns to see if they even have what i want... i would also take recommendations for online fabric sources... thanks for the input :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


today is monday. it seems such a long ways away from thursday. really. i think this might be the longest week ever because thursday is my birthday... but not only that (which in and of itself is fabulous, who doesn't love to be celebrated for a day?) we get to find out the sex of Baby! i am on pins and needles just sitting here waiting. we really haven't made any purchases yet for Baby because (call me old fashioned... or not old fashioned, not really sure which, now that i think about it...) i want to buy clothes that match the gender of the Babe! i am really not into the yellow and green bla outfits... i keep seeing little cargo pants for boys and sweet dresses for girls, and i remain firm, because, gosh darn it, i'm going to have a well dressed baby. of course when we purchase furniture and baby gear like strollers and pack-and-plays we will buy gender neutral items so when number two comes around (or three... twins still an option?) comes around, we don't want to buy all new things if the sex is different than number one.

still.. there are really fun options for decking out Baby's room without painting it pink or blue. i've been fantasizing about how i am going to decorate the room (by the way we haven't officially decided which extra room it will be). there are such creative and easy ideas online. i love the vinyl decals that have been popping up everywhere. has a ton of vendors that sell them... here are a few really fun ideas:

*all these ideas are from

and the best part about these fun ideas? when you are tired of them you can just pull them off the wall with no damage to the paint! nick isn't so sure about these, but we'll see about that. i am carrying his child, after all...

this last phrase has been my favorite lately... i definitely use it all the time, and shouldn't i? i really can't believe i am already halfway done with this pregnancy! in all honesty it hasn't been my favorite thing... but when i hear people say they loved being pregnant, they are usually done being pregnant. we'll see how i feel when i pop the Babe out. i'm sure i will look back on this time as completely blissful. so now at 20 weeks people (read: strangers) are starting to ask me when i am due. it feels nice to know that these few extra pounds i've been carrying around lately are looking like a baby, and not like i hit the donuts a little hard. i actually like being asked if i'm expecting. and (so-far) i don't really get offended when people i don't know go in for the belly touch.

what i don't like about being prego is the serious heartburn i've been experiencing. tums are my new best friend... i've also been so extremely, incredibly tired. i could sleep all day if given the chance. unfortunately, i rarely have the chance because life comes a-calling. whelp... what can you do?

speaking of sleeping... i think i should get to it. the quicker i go to sleep the sooner thursday will come and i will get to see the Babe!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are You Sure There Aren't Two In There??

yesterday the wee one turned 17 weeks (of being in my belly) and it is definitely growing.  Here is a picture of my little bump:

last thursday we had our 16 week doc appointment.  we were so excited to hear the heartbeat again!  we recorded it this time, and i haven't figured out if i can put the recording on my phone onto the computer... we'll see about that later.  

so we've been hearing from everyone and their mom (and my chiropractor) that i am so big for how far along i am... are we sure we aren't having twins?  yikes!  well, not that we wouldn't be happy with two babies, but, gosh... that would be a lot of work!  we were looking forward to our 16 week appointment and for my doctor to tell me that i was looking good and measuring normal... however... the first thing the doctor said when he walked in the door and had me lay back on the table was, "how far along are you?? are you sure there aren't two in there?" WHAT?? i said with all due politeness, plus a bit of hysteria in my voice, "are YOU sure there aren't two in there?!?!"  the doc said he didn't want to scare me, but that i am definitely growing.  we've only been hearing one heartbeat, but apparently my uterus is a lot higher than normal or something.  we'll just have to wait and see when we have our 20 week ultrasound!  we'll get to find out the sex and make sure everything is developing properly.  we scheduled it for Feb. 10, my birthday, so we'll have a fun birthday surprise!  

last post i said i was wondering if what i was feeling was baby kicks or gas... i am pretty sure it is baby kicks!  at first i wasn't sure, but over the past week or two i have been feeling those movements more and stronger.  i can't wait for nick to be able to feel it from the outside!  for now i am just enjoying the feeling that there really is something (someone, really) growing inside me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally Getting a Belly!

So people  have been asking, so here are some pictures!  i am 16 weeks today and i am feeling great.  my belly is starting to stick out and so far i've been hearing i look bigger than how far along i am.. we'll see. hopefully its not all fat... my chiropractor is claiming there are two in there, but i am leaving the baby counting up to my doctor.  i am just so excited to find out the sex! we haven't really made any baby purchases yet, because i really don't love the gender neutral clothes and such, but we get to find out in about a month (what a great birthday surprise that will be!). 

Pretty soon they say you are supposed to feel the baby move, and last night i swear it punched me when i was getting up.  like, a serious jab in the belly.  it could have just been a muscle spasm or something, because they say its supposed to feel like fish swimming in your belly or popcorn... i don't think i have felt anything like that, but at certain times (usually when i am laying down) i am really aware of where my uterus is... like there are slugs around the inside of it... maybe its the baby?  who knows.  pretty soon i am sure i will know positively if what i am feeling is the babe or indigestion.  

Here is a little progression of the belly...