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34 Weeks!!

again, it has been a while since i last posted.  we went with nick's family to maui and when we returned i became horribly sick... i am still recovering, as my lingering cough and clogged sinuses can attest.  i am 34 weeks, which means that baby boy is coming soon!!  i had my first baby shower last weekend and i am so blessed by my girlfriends! i now have many clothes and some essentials for baby, and i am feeling a little more prepared.  i still have two more showers with family, and i know we're going to have to buy a good amount of items, but we're getting there.  today we bought a dresser for our bedroom, so the one we were using is going to be painted and placed in baby's room.  
hawaii was fun, but i think the GD diet put a damper on my time... i ate by myself a lot, and felt really constrained by the times i had to eat.  for the most part my numbers were good, and the only times they spiked i knew they probably would (like when i got frozen yogurt... three nights…