Wednesday, May 18, 2011

34 Weeks!!

again, it has been a while since i last posted.  we went with nick's family to maui and when we returned i became horribly sick... i am still recovering, as my lingering cough and clogged sinuses can attest.  i am 34 weeks, which means that baby boy is coming soon!!  i had my first baby shower last weekend and i am so blessed by my girlfriends! i now have many clothes and some essentials for baby, and i am feeling a little more prepared.  i still have two more showers with family, and i know we're going to have to buy a good amount of items, but we're getting there.  today we bought a dresser for our bedroom, so the one we were using is going to be painted and placed in baby's room.  

hawaii was fun, but i think the GD diet put a damper on my time... i ate by myself a lot, and felt really constrained by the times i had to eat.  for the most part my numbers were good, and the only times they spiked i knew they probably would (like when i got frozen yogurt... three nights in a row. it was delicious.)  laying on the beach or by the pool sounds very nice, but when you can only lay in one position (on your back) it tends to get old.. fast.  i am not complaining, the trip was very fun, and i really enjoyed spending time with nick's family, but i think that if the opportunity were to arise another time that i was to be 31 weeks, i would probably pass.  i felt big, tired, and hot.  not an extremely fun combo... but i did rock a bikini the whole time :)  

here are a few pictures of my last few weeks bellies.  i have yet to take a photo of my belly this week (34, but i'll do it soon).

 31 weeks on the beach
 32 weeks
33 weeks

i'm thinking that this post is incredibly boring, and that i really don't have a lot to say, so i'm going to end it here.  hopefully i have something good to talk about in the near future.  i see the doc tomorrow for my 34 week appointment, so we'll see if he has anything new to tell me.. about anything.