so jake is now 11 months old (!!!) and we do a lot of reading.  right now the books we read are mostly short board books that he has a hard time lasting through without trying to chew on the corner.  i love reading, and i really hope he acquires a love for books like mine.  i can't wait for him to fall in love with my favorite children's books.   my mom is a lover of books as well, and she has amassed a small treasure trove of my brothers and my favorite books as children for jake and her future grandchildren.  lately i've been thinking of some of the ones i for sure want to own for when jake actually has the patience to sit and listen to a whole book start to finish (then beg me to read it again).  here are some of my favorites (and my brothers too... hopefully jake won't mind a princess or two in his stories).

there are so many more, but they aren't all coming to mind right now.  maybe you might enjoying a little reading time with these books and your kiddos :)  what are your favorites?


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