Wow where did the rest of the year go? I think my last post was September or October, and I keep telling myself I will work on this blog when I catch my breath... it is December 28th and I think I just caught it.. my breath that is. Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful spending time with Nick and my families. Nick got me a new digital camera to replace my old one--5 years for a camera is a lot considering the leaps and bounds technology has taken in that time span. Hopefully it will encourage me to take more pictures. The most memorable gift this year was from my aunt. She gave all of my girl cousins fur stoles. These weren't the fake fur that all the stores have in lately, these were genuine (I'm not sure what kind) animal fur. I consider myself "for the animals," but I'll be honest and say that I really like it. I am not sure if I will ever wear it out in public (I don't want red paint spilled all over me--do they still do that?) but I will say that it is fun for dress up, and who knows, I might wear it out to dinner one of these days. Besides-- the stole is from the 1950s, so this animal (whatever kind it is) has been long dead. I hope this doesn't mean I am PETAs next target.

The New Year holds lots of new and fun things for Nick and me, first and foremost, we are vacationing in Hawaii in January with two of our friends. I cannot wait to get away and spend time in the sun. I'll be honest, my work is not demanding, and there aren't too many stresses in my life, but lets be honest, Hawaii is amazing. I am so looking forward to going that I have already begun to pack and we don't leave for a couple weeks.

My dog is barking at the wall, so I should probably play with her or something... until next time :)


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