On the Run

this summer has been so full and busy, its a wonder i'm having time to sit down and write this!  we just got back from maui on monday night and already we're thrown back into the busy life we left for a week.  with a bbq on saturday and parties, showers, babies, and work, i feel like i already need a break!  perfect time to start a new hobby? sure, why not.  

i've talked before about my desire to kick my butt back into shape, and for the most part, i have succeeded in maintaining my not-so-svelte-as-it-used-to-be figure... not bad, but i am going to do something crazy, something i've never done or had any interest in before- running.  now i am not training for a marathon or anything, like some of my crazy friends.  my goal is realistic; i found a website that gives a training course to go from the couch to a 5k in about 2 months. i am impressed that it is actually working, so far anyways.  when i started, (this is a little embarrassing to say) i could not run for a minute without being ready to keel over.  i now am three weeks in and i can run for 3 minutes at a time.  The program is interval training so it is really do-able.  i know i should probably give myself a bigger goal, like running in an actual organized 5k, but at this point, my hope is just to be able to run for about 30 minutes and not stop.  where we go from there, time will tell.  


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