The pain of it all...

So, yes, i have been neglecting my blogging duties, but lets be honest: this is not my job, nor does anyone really rely on me posting to get through the day, so for now, i'm not worried about it.  i guess i just really haven't had much to say lately... i still don't really.  i haven't been running because i threw my back out (again) and i am finally resigned to going to physical therapy to see if we can't fix this pesky problem i have that seems to come back every few months.  i've been told otherwise, but i seriously think i have sciatica or something.  isn't that something only old people get?  i just hope to get to the bottom of this, or i might subject myself to the embarrassment of getting one of those upside-down-back-pain-cure-machines.
We can be serious and say that i wouldn't look nearly as serene in spandex hanging upside-down, so lets hope we figure out my back issues.  I really was enjoying running, but now i am probably going to have to start that training program from the beginning again (once the back issues are gone) because every week i miss the runs i lose some of my endurance i was building up. suck. 

on a brighter note, i love my profile picture on facebook.  i'm the type of person who always looks at other people's facebook profile pictures and wishes mine look as effortless and candid and artsy.  finally got a good one... mid-dance moves at a wedding. (thanks mesha, i know you're one of the only people reading this post, and you took the picture!)  is it vein for me to want cool facebook photos?  is it stupid i get mad a nick when he takes an artless photo that my mom could have taken?  (don't tell him this). 
this is why i need to have  kids, so i can take artsy photos of THEM.  working on it...


  1. I dont have a natural smile, so candid photos are a LIFESAVER to me! And, I read your blog to get through my day ... thank you for the shout out!

    If you start running again, let me know. Id like to see your program.


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