Maybe baby?

so i've been quite quiet on this blog for a little while, and while i could talk about my back issues and physical therapy, there is something much more exciting that i haven't been able to talk about that simply trumps anything else that is going on around me.  any number of my friends would automatically say "oh a secret? you're totally pregnant!" because that is pretty much our answer to everything lately.  "i'm feeling sick," "oh you must be prego"; "i am thirsty," "oh you're totally pregnant"; "I am tired," "oh you're definitely prego." at one point everyone i know was getting married, and now it seems like everyone i know is going to have a baby.  AND.... drumroll please??


ahh, it feels so good to get that off my chest!!  lets just say that keeping secrets is not my strong point.  that's not to say i am not a reliable person, but when it's my own secret, and i am this excited about it, well, lets just say i've been dying to tell people.  i tell random people at the grocery store and at restaurants, out walking the dog and at coffee shops (note that these people are all strangers.)  keeping mum to all my friends and most of my family has been so hard!!  luckily i've told only a couple close friends and our parents and siblings, so i have people to talk to about it... and how sick i've been feeling!  ugh, morning sickness is no joke!  and i am not even getting the worst of it (i have yet to throw up, but i have done a lot of dry heaving, and nausea has become my obnoxious neighbor, rearing its ugly head at the worst times.)

at this point i am a few days shy of 10 weeks, but nick and i decided when we found out we were going to wait until at least our 12 week appointment to share the news, and because that is so close to Christmas, why not wait a little longer and tell the family at Christmas and our friends in our Christmas card?? (that was nicks idea, mind you, he likes to say he is like a steel trap, no news is getting out until the designated time)

we have already had some funny moments with friends who didn't know, and we weren't ready to tell yet.  we tried getting pregnant for over a year, and by the time we actually did, quite a few of our closer friends knew.  now they ask us all the time if we are pregnant, and although it is hard, we lie our pants off.  i told one friend i couldn't drink wine when we went to dinner because i had finally gone to the doc and he said i should lay of alcohol and coffee to make me more fertile. *LIE.  i told another friend that i wasn't feeling very well at her halloween party and that's why i wasn't drinking. *LIE.  i lied to my mom when she asked if i was pregnant, and told her, no, but i will let you know as soon as i do. *LIE.  luckily was able to tell my parents and nick's parents when we were about 6 weeks.  that was definitely a load off my shoulders.

ok, so you all must be wondering how i found out? sure you are.  so because my cycles have been irregular since i went off the pill (over a year ago) i would occasionally take pregnancy tests "just in case" because i wouldn't know if i was late.  imagine my surprise when lo and behold there was an extra pink line i was not used to seeing.  so what do i do?  take three more tests of course (one being those digital tests).  yep, pregnant!  nick was at work, and because i didn't want to tell him while he was on shift, i went to Target and got a onesie that said "i love daddy" and some pacifiers.  i wrapped it all up with the pregnancy tests i had taken and waited for him to get home the next morning.  when he began opening the gift in the morning (onesie first) he exclaimed "you didnt!" and because the phrase was a little strange, i said "I didn't what?" with an indifferent look on my face.  nick proceeds to stare down the onesie, and then ask... wait for it... "is this for boston???" boston is our dog.  "no... open the rest" and finally, nick realized that we were pregnant!  i think this is a pretty good story.  i laugh when i tell people, and nick claims he meant "you didnt... get pregnant" but thats neither here nor there.  its a funny story.   More updates to come!


  1. you lied to me and I am so happy you did because I got to find out in person!!!!!! Love you friend! Congrats from Brett and I!


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