Finally Getting a Belly!

So people  have been asking, so here are some pictures!  i am 16 weeks today and i am feeling great.  my belly is starting to stick out and so far i've been hearing i look bigger than how far along i am.. we'll see. hopefully its not all fat... my chiropractor is claiming there are two in there, but i am leaving the baby counting up to my doctor.  i am just so excited to find out the sex! we haven't really made any baby purchases yet, because i really don't love the gender neutral clothes and such, but we get to find out in about a month (what a great birthday surprise that will be!). 

Pretty soon they say you are supposed to feel the baby move, and last night i swear it punched me when i was getting up.  like, a serious jab in the belly.  it could have just been a muscle spasm or something, because they say its supposed to feel like fish swimming in your belly or popcorn... i don't think i have felt anything like that, but at certain times (usually when i am laying down) i am really aware of where my uterus is... like there are slugs around the inside of it... maybe its the baby?  who knows.  pretty soon i am sure i will know positively if what i am feeling is the babe or indigestion.  

Here is a little progression of the belly... 


  1. How cute is your belly!!!!!!

  2. you are starting to show!!! congrats! you look great!!!!

  3. HOW EXCITING!!!! I am thrilled for you both Nicole! Whats the cute baby belly secret? Because yours is adorable ... is that wierd to say?

  4. Nicole-

    I am so HAPPY for you!!! I already know that you are going to be such a WONDERFUL and GREAT Mommy.

    Both you and Nick, are going to be FABULOUS Parents.

    I miss seeing you!!!


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