24 weeks!

horray! i've hit 24 weeks... if you think about it, thats 6 months down!  i cannot believe time has been passing so quickly.  i'm sure every mom (first time or not) worries about their baby.  is everything right?  is this ok?  every single week that i am pregnant seems like a gift, and gets me one step closer to meeting this little man in my belly.  we have friends that just had a baby a few days ago and nick and i got the privilege of meeting him last night.  he is absolutely precious and incredibly tiny (only not, because he was average size).  i can't believe that in about 4 short months i will be meeting my tiny little boy.  i have many friends who have babies, but i never fail to be amazed at how small and precious a newborn baby is.  what a miracle babies are!

last weekend nick and i ventured up to woodinville to look at a craigslist find: baby bedding, and matching room decor.  it looked great from the pictures, but you've always got to see that stuff in person.  i would have been really disappointed if the "find" turned out to be a dud... that was a long drive!  i know in my last post i was mulling over the idea of making bedding myself or having it made, but i realized, i'd rather focus on more pressing matters... and not feel rushed to get the bedding done.  maybe if i start sewing more i can try that venture out on baby #2.  we'll see.  we ended up buying the lot (everything was in great condition, one sheet had never been taken out of the packaging), and it is so cute. pottery barn sailboat bedding, curtains, a sailboat, two pictures, matching pillows, a mobile and a seriously cute anchor for the wall.  we put the crib up last weekend as well, and now i am really excited to get a mattress so i can put the whole setup together :)

cute, no?  unfortunately the crib skirt (which i just had to put on the crib) is barely visible at the level the mattress support is at... once baby gets bigger and we drop that level we'll be able to see it better.  i didnt put the picture frames in this picture either... not sure where i put them (pregnancy brain).  pay no attention to the items in the background that haven't been transferred over to the "new" office.

the little nursery is coming together!  i am now on the hunt for a nice rocker/gllider.  the goal is to find one like this

without an enormous price tag.  we'll see.  obviously, i've got time to figure it out.

without further adieu, here is the official 24 week picture... the belly continues to grow!

I have my 24 week appt tomorrow, so hopefully everything checks out normal.  baby has been kicking up a storm, so i am not worried about him not moving... he has plenty of energy.  just praying he continues to have a good strong heartbeat and that what i think are contractions that i have been having periodically (tightening of my belly for about 30 seconds with no pain) are completely normal.


  1. :) I love the nautical theme! Very precious. You look great!

  2. So cute Nicole! I LOVE the bedding, what a great Craigslist find!

  3. I am so excited for you two! What an amazing experience. You are going to be a great momma :)

  4. Sweet find! It all looks adorable and PB stuff is such good quality. You look beautiful!


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