so i know its been a long time since i last posted... sorry.  i've been busy.  and tired.  and busy.  you get the picture.  at my 28 week appointment i was treated to the standard (not so delicious) 1 hour glucose test to see if my body is processing sugars correctly.  in my head i was thinking, oh, i've got this.  unfortunately, when the test results came back it showed that my blood sugar levels were elevated, and that meant that i would be treated to the even more invasive (and also not so delicious) 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  many of my friends have had to take this 3 hour test and passed it, so, again, i thought to myself, i totally got this.  unfortunately, i didn't.  two of the four blood draws were elevated, and that is enough to mark me with gestational diabetes.  what?  who ever heard of gestational diabetes?  isn't there only type one and type two?  guess again, my friends.

gestational diabetes happens to about 4% of pregnant women (i think that is roughly the stat).  usually risk factors include being overweight, a family history of type 2 diabetes, and age.  i have none of these things, so my diagnosis is one of those random chances that happens to those who aren't expecting it.  BOO.  I really felt like i failed my baby boy, but i was assured there was nothing that i have done or could do to prevent my condition.  the condition also puts me at a higher risk of getting type two diabetes in the future.

two days ago i met with a dietitian and a nurse who explained to me what this whole situation entails.  i have a diet plan that requires me to measure out primarily my carbs, but also proteins, and fats.  it is time consuming and takes a lot of planning, but in the end, i pretty much eat the exact same things i was always eating... it actually feels like i have to eat more than what i would normally eat.  i talk to the dietitian again next week and we may tweak the menu plan a little bit.

i also have to check my blood sugar levels 4 times a day now with a glucometer.  once when i wake up, then two hours after each meal.  the poker hurts a little, but the pain doesn't last, and so far i my blood sugar levels have been well within the recommended range.

here is my glucometer kit.

all in all it isn't so bad... but i know that when we go to Hawaii next week (the plan is that i am still going at this point) i will definitely run into some obstacles at restaurants.  we'll see how that goes.

here is my 29 week picture.  i know i have said this before, but how can my belly get any bigger???


  1. I am sorry to hear this news Nicole, but with a little bit of organizing you can totally handle this. My stepsister and one of my best friend's had gestational diabetes and both had beautiful, healthy, term babies. Sounds like you have a great attitude! Best of luck to you!

  2. You look so great momma! Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes...you will be fine though! The best part is that you are taking action (even when it's a pain) to make sure your levels are right! Can we please have a date soon...I'm having a major urge to rub that belly of yours!! Again - you look FAB!


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