Secret Dog Society

Up Until last September the only pets I have had were 3 hamsters who all came to various tragic fates, and a fish. The hamsters all made it clear how they felt about me... one ran away, never to be found, one attempted suicide (jumping from my second story window and breaking three legs, then proceeding to burrow behind the milk box for 5 days). We had to put her to sleep. The last hamster I had was evil, and bit me. I sold her at a garage sale for $15. Maybe she found a more happy home. My fish died three the day before I moved to England to study abroad (what a true friend, he couldn't go on without me!) *Sniff*

All that to say, I have a dog now. Boston (a she) is the epitome of "the Pokey Little Puppy" if anyone ever read those books. She gets into everything, but I love her. The other day Nick and I took her to an off leash dog park. She loves being able to roam and sniff to her little heart's content. What is interesting to me is that ever since we brought Boston home I have been ushered into this secret dog owners society. All dog owners are just delighted to see Boston, and although I am not too fond of large slobbery dogs sniffing my nether-regions, I have to admit, I like their dogs too. All these members of the secret dog society are now the friendlies people I've ever met, simply because Boston is by my side.

We dog owners have a kinship (maybe like parents? we've raised our pups from wee nuggets? we all know what it is like to worry our house smells like dog pee?) Apparently, we're in this together, so when I am greeted with a slobber and paws on my chest from a large dog, I should like it. Now until we brought home Boston I would never have considered myself a dog lover... not really even a dog liker. My consolation is that I am not in the group of people who think their dogs are children... along with man who was arriving the dog park as we were leaving. He shouted "Come on Butt Head!" to his dog. Yes sir, I might be in your camp. A dog is a dog, not a baby. Boston is the best, and I love her, but she is still a dog.

I guess the secret dog people society is a good thing... there are always people to talk to in my neighborhood while walking Boston, the doggy day-care (yes, doggy day-care) gives me a discount, and all of them know more than I do about dogs (like if their face blows up because of a bug bite you don't have to spend $200 at the vet at 1 o'clock in the morning--Benedryl will suffice)

But I guess since I am now used to the wet nose, hair on everything, and occasionally (I hate to admit it) a wet lick on the lips from my pooch, I am learning to like other people's dogs, big and small, slobbery or stinky. Pardon the lame humor, but I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks... tee-hee.


  1. Nicole, I love the blog! I forgot about the suicide hamster! Bailey, Hailey, Kailey? Ha ha. I am excited to read your posts :)


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