snap happy

we just got a new digital slr camera...  i am so pumped to be able to use it!  we actually got it for free, if you can believe it.  our checking account acquires points as we spend money and over the last few years we accrued enough to "buy" this bad boy... so we did.

i haven't actually had a real photography lesson since 7th grade in mister gernon's photo class, and my last photography class taught more the composition of a picture than how to actually use the camera, but i think i might take it up again as a hobby.  if anything i hope to be able to take fun pictures of my children (when i have children--i'll be practicing, so when the get here i'll be ready).

i think the best part about this camera is experimenting-- the last slr camera i had was not digital, so i never really knew what i was getting until the film is developed.  now i am able to see instantly how much i suck... but also learn immediately how to correct the problem.  this is especially helpful, seeing as i am going to be teaching myself (well, myself and my brother, who is more or less doing it as a profession--ok, less).  wish me luck! (luck with the photography... AND with the P90X that i have started again with Nick... ugh.)


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