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spring has sprung, and it has been very nice (by northwest standards).  we've been working in the yard a ton, and our efforts are beginning to pay off.  all the plants we bought as tiny starts are beginning to mature, so now our yard doesn't look so sparse.  my goal in the end is to have a lovely full, lush garden, not a whole lot of empty space... so, we're getting there.

in addition to working in the garden, maybe spring has affected me in other ways.  i've been exploring other blogs that focus on cooking and entertaining and i found a little gem of a blog called "not so humble pie."  on this blog Ms. Humble tries out all sorts of recipes, mostly sweet things, and blogs about them.  this week i tried her recipe for fluer de sel caramels, and i have to say i really impressed myself!  on to bigger and better things from here?  we'll see.  here is a look at what i made:

delicious, really.  they were soft and chewy, with the salt on top brining out the best of it.. ahh melt in your mouth.  i could probably eat all of them, and since the recipe made about 60, i am being a good girl and giving them out to family and friends.  (yes, p90x is still going -sort of- strong).

you may notice these photos make you want to walk around in my yard and sit down at my kitchen table and eat something.  this is most likely because i have been playing around with my new camera!  it is so much fun and takes great photos.  The depth of field is so much fun to play around with... here is my nugget baby boston:


  1. If you still need to get rid of some of that caramel I will be more than happy to take it off your hands! :-)

  2. hah, its too bad you weren't around when i was... i gave bags of it to everyone because the recipe made so much... next time i'll send you some :)


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