12 weeks (almost)

so today is sunday and on tuesday i will be 12 weeks!  that is a big milestone, and the risk of miscarriage is far less after this point.  I have my 12 week appointment on friday, and hopefully the doc says everything is a-ok.  i am feeling truckloads better than the last post.  my non-barfing-but-still-sicker-than-a-dog morning sickness seems to be ebbing away and i am able to think of most foods without wanting to ralph (this however, does not include chicken, which still makes me nauseous just thinking about it).  i am a little bit less tired than i have been, although because this is sunday and i don't have a whole lot to do, i plan on taking a nap in the near future.

we are getting very excited to tell everyone our big news.  we plan on telling our extended family on christmas and then from there we will tell everyone else.  i really am dying to tell people.  i want to shout it out. whoever's idea this was to wait so long must have been a loonie... oh wait, i think that was me.  but now when i mention maybe telling sooner nick automatically says no.  sigh... ok, two more weeks. i can do it!!!


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