Ok, this is it!!

well Christmas is over, and what a merry one this was!  We finally were able to share our great news with family (and now friends) and i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  ahhhh... sigh.... ahhh... its good to not have to lie about my thickening belly and fake drinking alcohol to avoid any weird looks or questions.  WE'RE HAVING A BABY!  there. now that thats done, i will get into what else is going on.

i've been feeling great these last couple weeks. i will be 14 weeks on tuesday, and i think morning sickness has all but left me.  (there are still a few pesky food aversions, but i can deal with that as long as i don't feel like i need to barf at any moment.)  my stomach had been growing a little bit, and from the pictures i've taken every week since we found out, i can definitely tell.. although most probably could not.  some of our aunts told me "oh i can totally tell, i knew it the moment i saw you.." and although i sort of like this, because they now know, i feel a little bit weird about people commenting on the size of my belly.  like i said, i dont think most could tell just by looking at me, so the fact that they say they can tell makes me think that, well i dont know, i was just bigger than last time they saw me and they might think that even if i wasn't prego... i am probably just being weird.  and emotional. ohhh the emotions! i swear nick is walking on eggshells.  he is so afraid something will set me off and i will start bawling for no reason.  its probably best he is concerned, because literally anything can set me off these days.  i started crying in the car the other day listening to a song about a dog buried under a tree.  (side note: why would anyone write that into a song?? it is SAD!!)  so i cried all the way home.  also, when my parents told me they didn't want us to bring my dog to christmas i started crying. uncontrollably.  i had to get off the phone.  then i called nick and ugly cried about it.  i really am a serious piece of work.

i guess this all comes with the territory, so nick and myself had better get used to it... i guess i'd say its worth it :)


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