22 Weeks

it has been way too long since i last posted... sorry about that.  i'd like to say i have been busy, but i am not really sure what i've been doing that's kept me away from the computer.  and if that isn't enough, i probably just can't remember.  i seriously understand what people mean when they talk about pregnancy brain, because i now have it!  i cannot remember a thing!!  ever!  this primarily happens to my friend elizabeth, because i scheduled myself to watch the bachelor with her not once this week, but 4 times... each time something came up that i either hadn't remembered, or i couldn't get out of.  (sorry, e!)

the big news that has yet to make it onto this blog is that we're having a BOOOOY!!!  are you surprised?  if you are, you are not alone... nick and i, along with most of our family and really thought we were having a girl.  i am in no way disappointed, just shocked that we were all wrong!  it is such a relief to know that this little babe nudging me all the time is safe, healthy and a boy!  the best part of knowing is that now we are able to start buying things.  i said before that i really didn't buy anything for baby because i wanted to know the sex before we began forming a wardrobe and designing the nursery.  since two weeks ago (when we found out) we (read: i, without permissions from nick) purchased a crib, and bought a few sweet little outfits for the little man.  i definitely am not going crazy with the clothes because i know showers have yet to happen, but we had to commemorate the special "find out the sex" day with a baby boy purchase :)  Here are some pictures of the little man:

i will address the big question that everyone asks once we tell them we know the sex:  no, we are not telling the name.  primarily because we do not know the name.  we've decided that we are going to pick 3 names that we really like and decide when he makes his big appearance.  we are also holding the 3 names close, because we want to avoid opinions from people who may not like them.  they are really not uncommon, or too unique of names, but all the same... that is the one surprise we can reveal when he comes out (since the sex is no longer a question).

although my weight doesn't show it (much) i am getting a huge belly... at least i think so.  here is a picture of my growing.. shall we say, curves:

If this is what i look like now at 22 weeks, i can only imagine what my belly is going to look like when i'm 40 weeks!  time will tell...

so now that we are beginning to think about the nursery i have been looking at crib bedding.  there is some cute stuff out there, but nothing (so far) that i am absolutely in love with.  i'm seriously considering getting bedding made (etsy.com has some fabulous designs) or making it myself.  i know of a few people who have made bedding themselves, and i am really interested in how much time it took to put everything together, not to mention the cost of fabric, patterns, etc.  is it worth it?  i am not an amazing seamstress by any means, but everything seems to be fairly simple.  i could be kidding myself thinking that it is something i could do.  i would love any input from anyone who has done this themselves.  this is what i am thinking as far as fabrics/color schemes... navy blue, white, light blue, and chartreuse:

these are just fabrics i pulled from pictures online, but you can get the feel of what i want to do... i think the primary would be the fabric in the center, (ie, bumper, skirt) with accents in two or three of the other fabrics.  i have yet to go to joanns to see if they even have what i want... i would also take recommendations for online fabric sources... thanks for the input :)


  1. Hey Nicole! I am so excited that you are having a boy! They are so much fun! Andrew and I did the same thing with the names, we had a couple different ones and picked the one when he was born...though we didn't know he was a he! :)

    Andrew's aunt made our bedding. It took her some time because we used stripes and she wanted them lined up. I have the pattern if you want it. And, I think Pacific Fabric would have more of the look of fabric you are looking for than Joann's.

    Hugs, Rebecca

  2. i am an excellent seamstress! i have sewn many a scrunchies in my day and am sure i can bust out some bedding no prob! anything for little "bun"jamin..
    but seriously, those fabrics are super cute! your little man is gonna be so stylish, i love it! and you! and you took once again, another great pic of yourself :)


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