today is monday. it seems such a long ways away from thursday. really. i think this might be the longest week ever because thursday is my birthday... but not only that (which in and of itself is fabulous, who doesn't love to be celebrated for a day?) we get to find out the sex of Baby! i am on pins and needles just sitting here waiting. we really haven't made any purchases yet for Baby because (call me old fashioned... or not old fashioned, not really sure which, now that i think about it...) i want to buy clothes that match the gender of the Babe! i am really not into the yellow and green bla outfits... i keep seeing little cargo pants for boys and sweet dresses for girls, and i remain firm, because, gosh darn it, i'm going to have a well dressed baby. of course when we purchase furniture and baby gear like strollers and pack-and-plays we will buy gender neutral items so when number two comes around (or three... twins still an option?) comes around, we don't want to buy all new things if the sex is different than number one.

still.. there are really fun options for decking out Baby's room without painting it pink or blue. i've been fantasizing about how i am going to decorate the room (by the way we haven't officially decided which extra room it will be). there are such creative and easy ideas online. i love the vinyl decals that have been popping up everywhere. has a ton of vendors that sell them... here are a few really fun ideas:

*all these ideas are from

and the best part about these fun ideas? when you are tired of them you can just pull them off the wall with no damage to the paint! nick isn't so sure about these, but we'll see about that. i am carrying his child, after all...

this last phrase has been my favorite lately... i definitely use it all the time, and shouldn't i? i really can't believe i am already halfway done with this pregnancy! in all honesty it hasn't been my favorite thing... but when i hear people say they loved being pregnant, they are usually done being pregnant. we'll see how i feel when i pop the Babe out. i'm sure i will look back on this time as completely blissful. so now at 20 weeks people (read: strangers) are starting to ask me when i am due. it feels nice to know that these few extra pounds i've been carrying around lately are looking like a baby, and not like i hit the donuts a little hard. i actually like being asked if i'm expecting. and (so-far) i don't really get offended when people i don't know go in for the belly touch.

what i don't like about being prego is the serious heartburn i've been experiencing. tums are my new best friend... i've also been so extremely, incredibly tired. i could sleep all day if given the chance. unfortunately, i rarely have the chance because life comes a-calling. whelp... what can you do?

speaking of sleeping... i think i should get to it. the quicker i go to sleep the sooner thursday will come and i will get to see the Babe!!


  1. Bummer, the pictures didn't come up on my computer. But, knowing you, I bet they are adorable. I am SO excited for you to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!!! I don't think I'll ever be able to have the sex of the baby be a surprise. I'm too anxious and, like you, I want to decorate according to gender, not all green and yellow.

  2. Agreed, finding out at 20 weeks seems just as exciting as finding out in the delivery room! You're just more prepared and not living in a world of neutrals :) Plus, there are usually friends waiting to know if they can pass down their girl or boy clothes... it would only be kind to let them know as soon as possible, right??

    Can't wait to hear your BIG NEWS Nicole :)

  3. I am sorry to hear about your heartburn. I am not pregnant, but I have chronic heartburn. :( Try zantac! <3


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