The Home Stretch...

i've been horrible about blogging here, but i've been sort of busy... and by busy i mean i couldn't really tell you what i've been doing other than trying to prepare for this baby to get here.  i stopped working on the 10th, so that is one less thing i've had to worry about and it is really nice to be able to take my time cleaning and organizing.  i've found that i really only have the energy for one project a day.  that said, the baby room is done and i personally think it turned out exactly how i had envisioned, and i love it :)

the sailor theme turned out just how i wanted, thanks to that fabulous craigslist find of bedding, and the glider and ottoman, which i also found on craigslist (for only $60!!!!! amazing find! thanks mary!).  

i am beginning to get really uncomfortable.  getting out of a chair has become a chore, and forget reaching anything near the ground- i don't bend in half too easily anymore.  my belly is itchy and i (unfortunately) got stretch marks all over the middle of my belly... dangit, i really thought i might avoid those!  i suppose it comes with the territory.  i just keep telling myself this baby is going to be totally worth it.  

a few weeks ago my brother took some maternity photos for us and i absolutely love them :)  here are a couple:

if you are interested in the whole labor process and all the messy details that come along with it, continue reading, if not, skip to the next paragraph, this might get a little graphic...

as far as actual internal progress, i had an internal exam at 37 weeks where i had not dilation, but some thinning and softening of my cervix.  at 38 weeks there was no exam, and this week tuesday (39 weeks) i'll have another internal.  i'm pretty sure i have at least a little dilation at this point because i lost my mucus plug two mornings ago... never thought i'd be excited to see a giant loogie on a piece of toilet paper, but alas, these are the things that get things going, and anything that puts me closer to meeting this little man is a definite plus in my mind.  the mucus plug is a, um, for lack of a better word, mucussy glob that sits plugging the cervix while you are pregnant.  when the cervix begins to dilate, the glob sometimes comes out.  it doesn't always come out at once, and sometimes doesn't come out until actual labor has started.  it also doesn't necessarily mean labor is on your doorstep, but it does mean things are going in the right direction.  so.  i got very excited when i saw it.  

well, for now we're playing the waiting game.  i get painless contractions (called Braxton Hicks) often, and sometimes i am even able to time them, but they do not stay consistent over long periods of time, and, well, they don't hurt.  this might be weird to say, but i am looking forward to the painful ones, because it will mean that its probably time for this babe to meet his excited parents!  we'll see if i get around to blogging any more before he gets here, but if not, when he does, i'll post the whole birth story :)

here is my 38 week picture:


  1. I love the finished baby room Nicole! It is truly beautiful, just like you and your soon to be amazing little family. I am So happy for you and Nick!

  2. The nursery is perfect! Love it! Wishing you the best for your delivery.


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